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Management Services

Here at Select Property Management Group, our number-one aim is the satisfaction of the tenants and the investment-property owners we work with in greater San Antonio.

iStock_000019641002Small copyTo make sure we’re consistently hitting that mark, we keep a razor-sharp focus on the maintenance and upkeep of the properties that we manage.

When a tenant requests service from us—which can easily be done over the website or over the phone—we attend to the matter swiftly. In addition to our own impressively skilled team, we tap the services of reputable local vendors with whom we have long-standing relationships. This helps ensure we’re doing the very best job we can when it comes to maintenance work and repairs.

Select Property Management Group residential rentals stay in great shape because we’re so diligent about caring for them—and because we’re always listening to our tenants in case a problem comes up. You can trust us for attentive and thorough work!